Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions (Must Follow)

If you are not agree on any point kindly do not register yourself in company.

These terms and conditions are construed in accordance with the model Direct Selling Guidelines issued by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Consumer Afairs, Food & Public Distribution, Department of Consumer Afairs vide CG-DL-28122021-232214 Pt.. II, Sec-3 Sub Section (I) dt-28 Dec 2021 (Newly added) India Contract Act, 1872 and supersedes and prior terms and conditions, discussions or agreements between Company and Direct Seller. These Terms and Condition are to be read together with the Ezykart Direct Seller Registration Form. They become binding if and When Ezykart in its sole discretion, accepts the Applicatio Pursuant to acceptance of Ezykart Policy and Procedures.

1. Definitions :

(a) Direct Seller shall mean a person appointed by Ezykart on a principal-to principal basis through this Direct Seller Cntract to undertake sale, distribution and marketing of Ezykart products services and to register Prospect/Customers within the Territory. A Ezykart Direct Seller may introduce or sponsor further levels of Direct Sellers and support them to build their dirct selling business of Ezyart goods & Services.

(b.) Direct Seller Contract: in accordance with Ezykart Rules shall mean and include the following:
I. The Direct Seller Application Form. II. These Terms and Conditions forming part of the direct seller Application. III. The Ezykart Sales and Marketing Plan. IV. The Ezykart policy and procedures; as amended from time to time. Ezykart shall notify any such amendments on its website, www.ezykartbooster.com

(c.) Salable : Shall mean marketable, unused, not expired, not seasional, discontinued of special promotional products and/services.

(d.) Territory : Shall mean the Republic of India.

(e.) Effective Date : shall mean the date of submission of the duly filled or online registration form filled while registering to website and clicking on terms and condition Direct Seller Application, subject approval by Ezykart Retail OPC Pvt. Ltd.

2. Cooling Of Period :

Shall mean the duration of the time counted from the date when the Direct Seller and the direct Selling entity (Ezykart Retail OPC Pvt. Ltd.) enter into the agreement undr clause 4 of the Direct Selling Guidlines and subbject to Ezykart policy & Procedures and Clause 9 here in, mean a period of 15 days from the date of acceptance of this Direct Seller application by Ezykart within which period any new Direct Seller shall be return or replace such products or materials in saleable condition.

3. Direct Sellership/Direct Selling :

Ezykart appoints, as of the Effective Date, the individual/entity identified in the above Direct Seller form, or if applicable, the legal entity listd therein (the “Entity) defined under Clause 1(7) of Direct Selling Guidelines of 2016, as a Direct Seller of Ezykat Products and sevices, and the Applicant (hereinafter individually or collectively referred to as the Ezykart Direct Seller*) agree(s) to such apointment As of the Efetive Date, and upon recipt of ordering information and comletion of any reqired formalities, the Direct Seller may, on a non-excusive basis, within the teritory as may be comminated by ezykart and otherwise in accordance with the direct seller contract and notification by department of consumer afair, purchase ezykart products from ezykart in order to sell, distribute and market the same, also register prospect / costomers.

4. Duration :

This Direct seller Contract, shall remain valid and continue to remain in full force for a period of SIX (6) MONTHS (if he fails to do any sales/purchase of products) unless terminatd earlier by either Party with the prior notice of 30 days in such intance and n such terms.

5. No Employment Relationsip :

The direct Seller hereby confirms that he//she/they has or have enterd int this Direct Seller Contact as an independent contracctor Nothing in the Direct Seller Contracct Shall establish either an employment relationship or any other labour relationship between the Parties or a right for the Direct Seller to act as a procurer, broker commercial agent, contracting representative or other reprsentative of Eykart. When purchasing and selling Ezykart products, the Direct Seller shall operate as an independent representative, acting in his//her/thir own name, at his/her/their own responsibility nd for his.hr/their own accuount.

6. No Assignment :

This Direct Seller Contract is intuited personae entered into on a personal basis, and neiethr this Direct Seller Contrat nor any of the rights or obligations of the direct Seller/s arising hereunder may be assigned or transferred wthout the prior written authrization of Ezykart Retail OPC Pvt. Ltd.

7. Payments and Bank Accounts :

Ezykart will make all payments on account of commissions, discounts, returns or refunds etc through bank transfer in favor of the Direct Seller Applicant/Entity only as per the details provided in the Direct Seller Form or as may be updated bt te Direct Seller in writing from time as the Ezykart Retail OPC Pvt Ltd. believes in and promotes digital transaction. The bank account must be opened and operated in full compliance with Indian law, including with respect to applicable foreign exchange laws.

8. No Cosmetics of Healthcare Advice provided :

The products, information, services and other content provided on and through this website, including without limitation any products, information, services and other content provided on any Linked Site, ae provided for informational puposes only to facilitate discussions with your beauticians or other healthcare professional (collectively, “Cosmetics Professional”) regarding usage options. The information provided on this website and Linked Sites, including without limitation information relating to products and treatments is often provided in summary or aggegate form It is not intended as a subsitute for advice from, your Cosmetic Professional, or any information coontained on or in any product label or packaging. No healthcare advice, recommendation, or opinion is ofered on theis website,

9. Obligaions of Diret Sellers :

(a) The Dret Seller shall not sell any Ezykart Product or service for a price exceeding the Maximum Retail Price mentioned on the labels of the Ezykart products,
(b) The Direct Seller shall, throughout the validity of this direct Seller Contract, strictly adhere to all applicable las, regulations and other legal obbligatos that fact the operation of his/her/their business. The Direct Seller shall be responsible for obtaining any applicable registration, license franchise, approval, permission or authorization, a copy of which shall be provided to Ezykart upon request,
(c) Direct Sellers for Ezykart shall :
i. always carry their identity card provided by ezykart wen meeting casters/prospects/ other direct sellers and not visit the customer’s/respect’s Premises without prior appointment/approval
ii. Truthfully and clearly identify them and state the purpose of solicitation to the prospective customer/Prospect and state the identity of Ezykart
iii. Provide complete expansion and demonstration as well as description of the nature of products and services being offered for sale, Provide details of prices, credit terms of payment, return policies, terms of guarantee, after sales service, Sales and Marketing Plan etc.;
iv. provide the following narration to the prospect/ customer at the time of sale, namely;

    a) Name, address, registration number or enrollment number, identify prof and telephone number f the direct seller and details of direct selling entity
    b) A description of the goods or services to be supplied;
    c) Explain to the consumer about the foods return policy of the company before the transaction;
    d) The Order date the total amount to be paid by the consumer along with the bill and recent;
    e) Time and place for inspection of the sale and delivery of good;
    f) Information of his/hr rights to canal the order and / or to return the product in saleable condition and avail full refund on sums paid;
    g) Details regarding the complaint reprisal mechanism;
v. Subject to applicable legal requirements, maintain proer books of accounts stating the details of the products, rice, tax and the quantity and such other details in respect of te foods sold by him/her, in such form as per applicable law,

(d) Direct Sellers for Exact shall not :
Use misleading, deceptive or unfair trade practices for sale or recruitment of prospective Direct Sellers wish shall lead to violations of consumer rights protected under Consumer Protection Act, 2019; Make any factual representation to a prospect ehta cannot be verified or make any promise tha cannot be fulfilled; Present any advantages of Direct Selling to any Prospect in a false and / or a deceptive manner; Knowingly make, omit, engage, or cause, or permit to be made, any represeentation relating to the Direct Selling opraton, including Sales and Marketing Plan and agreement between Ezykart and the Direct Sller, or the goods and / or services being sold by such Diret Seller which is false and // or misleading’ Require or encurage other Ezykart Direct Sellers to purchase Ezykart produccts or services in nreasonably large quiantities; Provide any literature and./ or \training material, not restricted to collatral issued by Ezykart to a prospet and/or existing Direct Seller which has not been approved by Ezykart. Require Prospect or existing Direct Sellr/s to purchase any literature or training material or sales demnstration equipment/ business kit.
(e) A Direct Seller mut strictly adhere to, inter alia, the Ezykart Policy and Procedures for Ezykart Direct Sellers.

10. Termination Policy :

The Diret Seller ay without assigning any reasn, after giving written one-month prior notice to Ezykart to terminat this Contract and this contract would be terminated automatically. A Direct /seller shall not be entitled to purchase Eykart products or services upon serving the notice. If not purchased or sale on any ID of Direct Seller that ID will be Blocked and terminated.
(a) Ezykart may terminat this Direct Seller Contract forthwith in case;
(I) the Direct Seller violats the provisions of the Code of Ethics or the Rules of Conduct
(II) for th breach of any provision herein including but not limited to nn-copliance to the Ezykart policy and procedure, Sales and Marketing Plan, Rules of Conduct, etc;
(III) due to misrepresentation by the Direct Seller to any customer/Prospect; or
(IV) due to legal, regulatory or other develpments that require matrial opratinal Changs within the Territory,, in which case Ezykart may, if regulatory cnditions allow, endevor to restructure the contractual relationship with the Direct Seller on such terms and condtions as are then Practical and legally permissible..
(b) Ezykart shall also have the right to terminate this cntract by giving one -month prior notice in writing at the instance if the Direct Seller fails to make any sales of Ezykart products or servicees for a period wo years or since the date of last sale made by the Direct Seller
(c) Ezykart may, from time to time, arned any of the douments comprising the Direcct Seller Contract in order to comply with the changin laws that apply to Ezykart through notice on its website www.easycartbooster.com/ ezykartbooster .com or any other weblink provided by the company. If te Direct Seller dose nt agree to be bund by such amendmentf s), he/she/they may terminate theDirect Seller Contrat with immediate effect by giving a one mnth prior written ntie to Ezykart otherwise, the Direct Seller’s continued relaitionship with Ezykart constitutes an afirmative acknowledgment by the Direct Seller of the amendment(s), and his/her/their agreement to be bound by the same.
(d) Direct Seller shall be provided with buy back policy for currently marketabble goods or services sold to Direct Seller, on thhe request of te Direct Seller ade in written notice to Ezykart.

11. Linked Site/s :

Linked sites re sites to which direct seller may redicted from any link given on our website i.e. Ezykart and Linked Sites are sits which are not operated by Ezykart and it has no control over the linked Sites and accepts n9o respnsibility for them or fr any loss or damage that may arisee from yur use of them Your use of the Linked Sites will be subject to the terms of use and service contained within each such site. Network of Direct Seller ship : Network f Direct Seller ship means any system of distribution or marketing adopted by Ezykart to undertake direct selling business and includes a network of Direct sellers at different levels of distribution,. who may recruit or introduce or sponsor further levels of Direct Sellers, who they then support.

12. Refund or Buy Back Policy :

We observe an irreversible 100% satisfaction guarantee on our products. If a Custer/Direct Seller is not completely satisfied, he/she may return such products to the company witi 15 days of its purchase. Please refer to policy and proceure for details (Refer on websites/ link sites for policy on refund.

13. The Direct Seller agrees that he/she shall not indulge in any kind of depository money laundering activites.


(/We hereby afirm that I/We are 18 years of ge or older and are fully jcompetnt t enter into the terms conditions, obligation, afirmations, representations, and waranties set forth in this Terms and Conditions, and to abide by and comply with same.

I/We acknowledge tha I/We have thoroughy read this Terms and Conditions befre submiting this frm and agree to abide by all of its provisions.

The Applicant hereby states that the documents uploaded along withh the form are not defamatory, threatening, obscene, harassing, or otherswise unlawful r illegal information or material of any nature, including txt, graphics, video, programs or audio.. Submitting material with the intention of commitinf or promting n illegal act will attract legal action from Ezykart

I/We not claim that all direct seller under me in this company as my employ or my personal asset as they all are individually enrolled with the direct selling agreement with the company and getting same facilities as other seller of the company. as per company sells plan.

In this direct Selling plan incentive, Income are not given on joining or recruitment. It is purely on product sell and Purchase I/We read and studied full plan and I confirm that this company is as per gueidline of Govt. of India Direct Selling latest notification.

Company may at any time revise these Terms and Conditions by updating th same on this website, All Ezykart Direct Sellers re bund by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit the Ezykart web page to review the current Terms and Cnitions to which I will be bound.

I will keepmyself updating on all Terms and Conditions, Policy and Procedures and FAQ sections of the company and News on company’s website regularly. This Direct Seller Application along with its Terms & Conditions consitute an electronic record within the meaning of the applicable law This electronic recrd is generated by a couter system and does not require any physical or digital signatures and is binding on the parties named Your Name (Direct Seller Name) and Ezykart.


Tick- Means all Read and understood by self or by my upline or sponsor.